Two exclusive moments are on our carnet for tasting Monte Rossa wines and Cabochon on occasion of the annual event dedicated to Franciacorta.

    14-15 September and Monte Rossa opens the doors of its winery to the Festival di Franciacorta, the annual event organised by Consorzio Franciacorta, and offering wine lovers a unique opportunity to discover the secrets hoarded by the most important wine producers in the area, and to taste some excellent wine accompanied by typically local delicacies.

    “As always an immense emotion to welcome wine lovers and share our love that every day we dedicate to our work,” as declared by Emanuele Rabotti, owner of Monte Rossa.

    On occasion of this Festival, the winery will propose two exclusive events centred on the wines of the Monte Rossa and Cabochon wines.

    The first event, scheduled for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September, is titled More Bubbles Less Troubles…Monte Rossa in Magnum! and consists in a tasting session with the common denominator of “ma in Magnum format”. On the stand, Sansevé Satèn Brut and Prima Cuvée Brut, matching typical Brescian produce. A trip through flavours, all senses included from nose to tongue to eyes, in full Monte Rossa style.

    Visitors can choose between two formulas: a classic tasting session with a visit to the cellars, costing 30 € per person or, the new solution of just the tasting session at the cost of 15 € per person.

    A lovers’ tryst with Cabochon during the second event programmed for Sunday 15 September at 11.00 am. An exclusive tasting session titled Cabochon, an extended family (la famiglia si allarga!), which will include three different wines: Cabochon Brut Fuoriserie N°021, Cabochon Doppiozero 2012 and Cabochon Brut 2009. To accompany the unrelenting perlage of the most precious Monte Rossa labels, a delicious risotto à la Cabochon.

    Per person, the cost of participation is 90 €.

    Booking is necessary for all events and can be done by contacting the mobile phone number 3487586948 or by sending an email to paola@monterossa.com .

  • Monte Rossa: ready to invest 7 million in the new winery

    This historical Franciacorta wine-growing company is due to start work this year on new avant-garde cellars, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable.

    “The first cellars designed and specialised exclusively in the production of Franciacorta”. This is how Emanuele Rabotti, owner of the Monte Rossa company, defines the new structure to be built in the midst of the greenery surrounding Barco di Cazzago, not far from their present main buildings.

    “We decided to go ahead with this new project to repay consumers for all the trust they have placed in our company over the years. We are not aiming to increase production but to optimise our efforts in guaranteeing the best quality whilst maintaining, however, all the aspects of the truly artisan craftsmanship denoting our district.”

    An investment of about 7 million Euro for an underground cellar of 8,000 square metres in constant dialogue with the district, immersed in the greenery of Franciacorta and surrounded by vineyards. A perfect example of architecture uniting modernity in total harmony with its surroundings, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable.

    Its offices will be provided with huge windows facing north to enjoy the most fresh air and light during daylight hours.

    Sunlight is a main player in this project under another aspect. In fact, openly covering the two buildings there will be a series of last-generation solar panels to produce energy reusable by the company to make it self-sufficient. The building will be constructed and equipped with the best technology of the moment.

    The new cellars will be fundamental in reorganising the company as it stands. 90% of the space will be destined to production whilst offices will occupy the rest. Meanwhile, the historical Monte Rossa structure comprising the ancient mansion and the “vintage“ cellars will receive a facelift and be destined to events and the storage of reserve wines or top of the list labels such as Cabochon.

    Works should begin in early 2020 and be completed by 2021 in time to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

    The project is a four-hand job between the company, coordinated by oenologist Pascal Vautier, the Municipal Authorities of Cazzago di San Martino and the studio MP Engineering guided by Pierangelo Scaroni and Architect Luigi Serboli masters in the art of modern constructions. In fact, the whole design process was assessed and approved by the Administration, including the construction of a traffic island on the road to Ospitaletto which will limit the impact of the passage of agricultural vehicles.

    An important step forward for Emanuele Rabotti who, since his entry in the company (founded in 1972 by his father Paolo Rabotti and mother Paola Rovetta), leaves his innovative imprint by projecting Monte Rossa into the future thanks to his courageous and winning decisions. After being first to abandon the path of still wines to pursue the excellence of sparkling Franciacorta, up to the determined choice to invest in the technology of constant experimentation, whilst however maintaining all the aspects of an artisan activity.

    Nowadays Monte Rossa governs 70 hectares of vineyards yielding the production of between 400 and 500 thousand bottles per year. The various positions of the cru, the terrain, and exposition to sunlight all contribute to amplify the aromatic properties of the grapes, resulting in cuvées rich in structure and complexity, exaltingly fine and elegant.